spacious Capacity if many For the ceremony, ceremony and celebrating at one end


Relax with nature rooms Review

Relax with modern facilities. Affordable You have to stay on demand. A single pair Or a family, it's not a problem at the house, resort balcony.

 Ruenrabeng Restaurant

Good, clean, delicious food and excellent service.Review

Menu cardamom Fritter Cardamom is an herb of Soi Dao District. Chicken soup with cardamom is a special chicken folk. Spicy fried fish Kang Boiled fish will have correspondents basil chili garlic. Recommended Menu Cha Kang fried fish, fish, soft Chuchi, fried snapper topped with sauce. , Cardamom, fried, boiled chicken, cardamom, spicy fried fish Kang.

 News Ruenrabeng

Meet new site soon.Review

Prepare to swimming pool and 10 rooms, a new modern style. at ruenrabeng resort

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